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Here our aim is to make XLDB as easy to understand as possible. 

It is important to understand that  configuring XLDB requires some basic level of SQL programming; however provided that you have these skills or have access to someone who does (and we can arrange this for you too) then using the online guide, perhaps with some support from our YouTube page, Blog and Forum should be all that you need use XLDB.

Your experience is important to us. If there is anything unclear in the manual or indeed any part of the website, please let us know and we will do our best to help and in most cases will be more than happy to update our content


Tables / Table names / Views

Must contain the prefix “Fact_” for Fact tables or “Dim_” for dimension tables For example Fact_Planning and Dim_Account

No duplicate table names
All XLDB tables must be unique on the database; you cannot have the same table name in different schemas. For instance, you cannot have a table called DWH.Fact_Planning and another called LND.Fact_Planning

Tables can have equivalent views
Views can be substituted for tables by following the simple convention of calling the view the same name as the table, with the prefix of “v”. For example, vFact_Planning will be treated as Fact_Planning by XLDB. Meaning for instance that you can have a large table in the database, but a far smaller filtered view in PowerPivot, and your write back data will write to the larger table.

Fact tables must reference a Dim_Version dimension
In phase one of XLDB, all Fact tables must contain a reference to a version dimension called Dim_Version. This is to allow for a basic level of security to be applied to the models, this security will be expanded in future phases. Click here for further details

Primary or foreign keys
Dimension tables must have a single Primary key. Fact Tables must contain at least one dimension related field with a Foreign key relationship to the Dimension table. Click here for further details

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