What is XLBD?

**SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION** - thanks for understanding

This is a site to support the BETA testing of the XLDB product

A clever Excel add-in, harnessing all of the great features of Microsoft PowerPivot and converting your read only experience into a collaborative READ/WRITE productivity tool.

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Who is XLDB for?

The new breed of self-sufficient analyst from any discipline.


People who love the power of simple self service Business Intelligence


People who want the MAIN functionality of large budgeting and forecasting systems without the price tag


people who want a simple solution to data collaboration


Who is XLDB for?


How do you know if this
is for you?


Do you love the techy side of Excel or know someone in your organisation who does?


Don’t have a tech savvy person in your team? We do!

Go to Consulting servicexlbd-img

Do you lack a single source of truth in your modelling?


Are you struggling with version control issues?

(You don’t know if your centralised Excel models are complete or up to date.)

Do you need to collaborate with others to keep your model up to date?


Do you need to Budget and / or Forecast?

Become an XLBD BETA tester

What's in it for you?

xlbd-imgEnjoy a free three year licence to use the full productionized product, including all updates

xlbd-imgReceive a 20% discount on new licenses for three years

xlbd-imgContribute to the development of XLBD, this is your chance to have the add-in designed to accommodate your needs (subject to approval)

What's in it for us?

xlbd-imgYou help us find the bugs

xlbd-imgYou contribute to our forum

xlbd-imgYou give us feedback and provide examples of how you're using XLDB

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