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The Online Manual is the heart and soul of the site.

Here our aim is to make XLDB as easy to understand as possible. 

It is important to understand that  configuring XLDB requires some basic level of SQL programming; however provided that you have these skills or have access to someone who does (and we can arrange this for you too) then using the online guide, perhaps with some support from our YouTube page, Blog and Forum should be all that you need use XLDB.

Your experience is important to us. If there is anything unclear in the manual or indeed any part of the website, please let us know and we will do our best to help and in most cases will be more than happy to update our content


Phase One Limitations

In this section, there are several key limitations to XLDB, many of which are flagged for future enhancement.

As always, if you don’t see something that you would like to see, then please contact us and let us know

  1. No Stacked dimensions on columns and rows. This means that you can only have a single dimension on rows and another single dimension on columns. For all other dimensions, you need to include them in the heading section and write to a single leaf level element at a time. You cannot “stack” more than one dimension on rows or columns *At time of writing stackable dimensions was scheduled as a next phase enhancement. For example, starting with Accounts on rows and your dates on columns, to write to the same account for multiple cost centres, swap the Account and Cost Centre dimensions so that Cost Centres is now on rows and only a single Account is selected on the headers.
  2. Write to leaf levels only. You cannot write to consolidated level cells
  3. Measure columns in Fact tables cannot start with “Dim”
  4. An Excel sheet can contain only a single XLDB pivot table
  5. There can only be a single Fact table used in a pivot table
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