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Dimension Element Aliases

One important design consideration for the ease of use of XLDB in phase one was the ability to accept aliases for writeback.

The star schema structure is based on Foreign Key / Primary Key links from Fact table (cubes) to dimension keys, and it is worth repeating that these links are integral to the way XLDB works. Only primary key elements are valid for writeback. This being said we can define Alias members from other columns as surrogates (not to be confused with surrogate keys, although they are conceptually similar). For instance, we can define the Account Name as an alias for Account Number.

Aliases, like primary keys must be unique.

Steps for setting up aliases:

  1. Set up a table called ADM.DimensionAttributes, note that for XLDB the ADM (short for “administration”) schema is important
  2. Then populate the values as follows:

You will then be able to use names as substitutes for keys in

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