The forum is your chance to interact with XLDB; ask questions, provide feedback and make suggestions for future enhancements.


While in future, the forum will take on a classic forum ‘how to’ / education function, in the BETA testing phase, the forum will also serve a ‘bug tracking’ function, with BETA testers encouraged to raise anything that is not working as expected or not performing the functions that testers feel they should.


Bantam BI will then assess these entries and reply, with all comments responded to, genuine bugs resolved as soon as possible and future enhancements flagged for further developement.

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      xlbd-imgBeta testing support
      Use this forum to tell us about bugs you find (doesn't work the way its supposed to), and ask your questions about how to use XLDB to do something you think it should.  Share your tips and tricks to get the most out of XLDB.  Is there something you'd like to see from this product to improve functionality? Tell us!
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